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New Quay’s one and only epic fishing boat trips aboard 'Legend' 

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If you are holidaying in or around New Quay and fancy a few hours sea fishing on a boat, then there is only one place to go..... Our 2 and 4 hour Epic deep sea Fishing Trips are perfect for families and children. We provide free and easy to use fishing equipment and there is plenty of help for beginners and novices. And you can take your catch home for the BBQ!

We will do all we can to provide modern, clean, professional, fishy fun filled trips. Our boat 'Legend' is a modern, safe and stable twin hulled petrol vessel, so she is very quiet with no smelly diesel fumes! There is comfortable seating for all and a rain shelter. Click below for more information.
More info - call: 07989 496 526 - mail:

Our modern and stable catamaran 'Legend' is fully licensed and insured. She carries full safety equipment and has life rafts and lifejackets for all. There’s spacious comfy seating for everyone and a warm wheel house and rain shelter to get out of the weather.

Epic fishing
Epic fishing
Epic fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

What could be better than a quick, quiet and stable cruise out to one of our nearby secret reefs and either dropping a baited hook or a string of feathers down to the sea bed? This fishing trip is for those who love variety and enjoy the surprise of what comes up.

Deep sea fishing is fun for all. When bait fishing we give you unlimited quality bait free to use. Or if drift fishing we provide shiny strings of feathers. Legend is very stable and fun to fish from whilst under anchor or drifting.
Depending on the time of year we may fish for rays, whiting, spurdogs, lesser spotted dogfish, bull huss and sea bream. Anything can come up though and the surprises are often the fun part of a trip. We’ve also caught gurnard, pollack, bass, pouting, conger eels, dabs, plaice; in fact you name it and we’ve probably caught it on a deep sea fishing trip!

Trips are normally two hours and all fishing equipment is provided free. Your crew will spend time helping anyone who needs a hand and always show you how to get started.

Our Epic Fishing Trips only cost £21 per person for two hours and £42 per person for four hours (all fishing equipment and bait provided for free).

Mackerel Fun

Everybody loves catching mackerel and why not? Generally easy to catch and scrappy fighters you always know when there’s a mackerel on! Great eating too, our personal favourite and what better way to celebrate a great holiday than a fresh mackerel BBQ! A lifetime’s worth of family memories are made on this trip.


Epic fishing
Epic fishing
Epic fishing